Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

Antwort der Universität

Ich denke das kann man nahezu unkommentiert stehen lassen. Aus dem E-Mail-Header schließe ich dass sich insgesamt 7 Studenten bei der Uni gemeldet haben.

Dear all,

Many thanks for your recent communication over Jorgo Chatzimarkis and his comments on Anne Will.

We have looked at the coverage and also sought advice from the British Council in Germany.

No German media have come to us directly for a statement and we have concluded that at the present time we do not need to issue one in Germany unless and until asked. This is because

a) It seems clear that his credibility is low

b) A proactive intervention from us may simply draw more attention to the issue

c) Most of the coverage of his Anne Will remarks has included remarks by Oxford students and alumni contradicting his claim about Oxford practices.

The Guardian in the UK has phoned about this and I made it clear that Oxford expects its students to follow standard academic practice in quoting sources.

With thanks and best wishes
Ruth Collier
Head of Press and Information Office
University of Oxford

Einziger Kommentar: Die "der ist eh nicht glaubwürdig"-Punchline gefällt mir selbstverständlich. Und dass der Guardian sich das anschaut ebenfalls.

Nachtrag: Der Guardian berichtet nun auch. Wenn auch mit einem nervigen Druckfehler der es morgen wohl auch in die Printausgabe schaffen wird.

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